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Neighbour and boundary disputes

For mediation services in relation to boundary disputes go to Gary Webber's mediation page.

PSL Chartered Land Surveyors

PSL Chartered Land Surveyors is one of the best known organisations for boundary surveys in the country. David Powell, Managing Director of the company, is the author of "Anstey's Boundary Disputes". To access the site click here. Click here for the book.

Boundary Problems

The Boundary Problems website is maintained by Jon Maynard FRICS a chartered land surveyor specialising in boundary and other problems between neighbours. It includes lots of practical advice. To access the site click here.

Old Aerial Photos

Aerial photography can be very useful in boundary disputes, particularly when the issue is adverse possession. The photographs can often show whether or not the relevant feature, a hedge, a fence etc. was in situ at the relevant time. Historic aerial photos are available from the "Old Aerial Photos" website. To access the site click here.

Airphoto Interpretation

Airphoto Interpretation is an organisation that offer a number of services including the interpretation of boundary evidence. To access the site click here.

Ordnance Survey

The Ordnance Survey website can be very helpful if you need maps and related help in boundary disputes. To access the site click here.

Garden Law

The Garden Law website has some useful information on roots, trees and bonfires etc. It also has a lively discussion forum which contains some interesting questions and answers. To access the site click here.

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