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Co-ownership and estoppel

The editor of this section of the site is Samantha Jackson of 1 Chancery Lane, London.

These pages contain material on:
  • Co-ownership disputes primarily between separating partners who have not married or had civil partnerships - Stack v Dowden and other cases.
  • Commercial joint ventures - in particular the HL decision in Yeomans Row v Cobbe.
  • Satisfying the equity
  • Equitable accounting
  • "Pallant v Morgan" constructive trusts
  • Partnership property
  • Orders for sale - Trusts of Land Act ... 1996

Law Reform

Cohabitation: The Financial Consequences of Relationship Breakdown.

The Law Commission has published a report dealing with the property rights of cohabitants. It contains "recommendations regarding the law as it affects cohabitants' property and finances when their relationships end, whether by separation or by death." (Law Com No 307).

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