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Boundaries and adverse possession.
Business lease renewal.
Co-ownership and estoppel.
Landlord and tenant (general).
Long leases.
Mobile homes.
Nuisance and trespass.
Property litigation and ADR.
Property transactions.
Public access to land.
Residential tenancies.
Restrictive covenants.

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Monthly Update

April 2017

Topics this month:
  • Boundaries and adverse possession: Article -The Property Boundaries (Resolution of Dispute) Bill
  • Business lease renewal: Section 26 request - Landlord break right and commencement of new tenancy
  • Co-ownership: Beneficial ownership - Resulting Trusts
  • Easements: Interference with right of way - Erection of gates
  • Landlord and tenant (general): Side letter to lease - Termination right a penalty
  • Long leases: Right to Manage - Substantial compliance; Leasehold Enfranchisement - Time Limits; Enfranchisement under Leasehold Reform Act 1967 - Valuation of merged properties
  • Mobile Homes: Pitch fees - Annual increase
  • Mortgages: Land registration - Alteration of register and forgery; Settlement agreement - Certainty of terms; Possession - Section 36 AJA 1970 stay or suspension
  • Nuisance and trespass: Access to Neighbouring Land Act 1992 – Trespass
  • Property litigation: Solicitors’ negligence – Commercial lease; Damages for misrepresentation - State of farm - Rectification of the register
  • Public access: Rectification of register to remove an area of land.

Gary Webber
10 April 2017

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