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Boundaries and adverse possession.
Business lease renewal.
Co-ownership and estoppel.
Landlord and tenant (general).
Long leases.
Mobile homes.
Nuisance and trespass.
Property litigation and ADR.
Property transactions.
Public access to land.
Residential tenancies.
Restrictive covenants.

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Monthly Update

April 2018

Topics this month:
  • Easements: Obligation to create fencing – creation by express grant in a conveyance
  • Landlord and Tenant (General): Alienation – reasons for refusing consent; Lease or licence - chattels or fixtures; Sub-letting - lease clauses - cumulative or separate individual covenants
  • Long Leases: Service Charges – certification – recovery of managing agents fees; Service charges – reasonableness; Enfranchisement – valuation – improvements; Enfranchisement - valuation - assumptions
  • Mortgages: Security – discharge – negligent misrepresentation; Receivers – liability for council tax; Registration – Court order - forgery - correction of “mistake”
  • Property Transactions: Overage clause - interpretation of reasonable endeavours obligation
  • Restrictive Covenants: Discharge or Modification - S84 Law of Property Act 1925; Breach of covenant - award injunction or damages in lieu

Gary Webber
11 April 2018

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