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Alan Langleben

Alan, a mediator since 2000, and having built up a considerable reputation, retired in 2012 from partnership as a solicitor to concentrate on his practice as a property mediator. Alan is a founding member of The Property Mediators: www.thepropertymediators.co.uk.

Professional background

Alan was admitted as a solicitor in 1970. He has worked for a number of major law firms (Heald Nickinson, Grangewoods, Brecher & Co, Nicholson Graham & Jones). From 2000 to 2012 he was a partner in Rochman Landau, later incorporated with Ashfords LLP. In April 2012 he retired as a partner from Ashfords to concentrate on mediation as his main activity. He remains as a consultant at Ashfords LLP on a part time basis.

Alan’s main area of expertise as a solicitor has been in property litigation including professional negligence. He acted for many years for a major lending bank and dealt with all of their litigation including claims against solicitors, architects, quantity surveyors, project managers, valuers and others. He dealt with claims arising out of defaulting lenders and undue influence. He has substantial experience in dealing with most types of commercial landlord and tenant disputes, including dilapidations claims and rectification of leases. He has written articles and given talks on these subjects and has been involved in several cases in the Court of Appeal and one in the House of Lords, which was widely reported. He has for many years served on the Law Reform Committee of the Property Litigation Association.

In addition to his experience as property litigator Alan has dealt with employment disputes, since 1971. He has featured in several well-reported cases and written articles and lectured widely in this area. Over the years he has also dealt with a large number of general commercial contract disputes.

Mediation experience

Alan has had experience of being engaged in mediations as a solicitor for 30 years, as a mediator for 13 years and also as a party on one occasion. He believes this gives him a wider perspective than many others in the field. Between 2009 and 2012 he conducted on average ten mediations per year, mainly in the area of property disputes, but also employment law and commercial contract disputes. Since retiring as a partner and concentrating on mediation as his main activity he has been conducting about two per month.

Some typical mediations are as follows:
  • A landlord and tenant dispute relating to a major redevelopment in Central London between a national supermarket group and a local authority. The dispute was settled shortly after the mediation concluded. The parties were sufficiently impressed to incorporate into the Consent Order a clause stating that in the event of any disagreement as to the terms of the new lease to be entered into, this was to be referred to Alan acting as an arbitrator. The firms of solicitors involved were a substantial West End practice and a top 50 national firm.
  • A dispute between a caravan park operator and six caravan owners, resolved by agreement early in the afternoon.
  • A landlord and tenant dispute over inherent defects in a commercial property.
  • Rectification required of lease plan involving disputed right of way over property.
  • Major professional negligence claim against solicitors arising from a disputed exchange of contract for property
  • Disputes involving two lessees and their landlord, a household name major retailer being one of the lessees.
  • Neighbours dispute when silt poured into a lake recently dredged, the garden in which it was situate having been enhanced at a cost of £2million.

Mediation style

Having negotiated disputes since qualifying as a solicitor, Alan has a very wide and long experience of resolving disputes, even before qualifying as an accredited mediator. With the experience he has accumulated over the years, he has acquired a certain authority whilst at the same time retaining a sense of humour (he hopes!).

Alan believes that most, but not all, cases going to mediation require him to identify the key issue/s so that he can bring to the mediation his own analysis and discuss it thoroughly and fairly with both sides. This process, known as reality testing, is usually a key factor in breaking through the parties entrenched positions into an area in which it is possible for agreement to be reached. While being careful not to impose his own views, he firmly believes that the parties, in choosing a mediator with particular expertise and experience in the area in which the dispute has arisen, are looking to the mediator for such an approach. By carefully and tactfully analysing, testing and probing each partys position, consensus can be achieved.

Some comments from clients

“I was extremely satisfied with the way and manner in which you dealt with the whole affair and your approach. It was a good learning experience for me and I thank you for that.”

“I found you approachable and professional. I appreciated your steer, particularly on the delicate issue of I look forward to hearing from you and working with you again.”

“We have attended many mediations over the last three years or so but of all these this looked as though it might be impossible to resolve. Thanks to the seemingly infinite patience of the Mediator a solution was achieved.”

“It was only through persistence and by managing to keep the parties engaged with tact expertise and empathy for everyone involved, that Alan remarkably achieved a settlement on all issues. This settled because of the extensive and advanced skills being displayed by Alan Langleben.”

“Extremely approachable style which greatly assisted my clients although the Mediator remained neutral at all times he was able to manage expectations which greatly assisted in reaching a settlement at the end of a long day.”

“Alan was a fantastic mediator.”

Legal 500: Having been mentioned as a good mediator in his entry under the property litigation section in 2011, in 2012 he has been recognised in the mediation category.


Alan was trained and accredited as a mediator by CEDR in 2000.


Alan is married, and has been blessed with two children and six grandchildren. He enjoys playing tennis, walking and jogging and is addicted to Chekhov, needing a “fix” of at least one play per year. He has for many years been an active member of Finchley Reform Synagogue and leads services and study sessions.

Address: Ashfords, Accurist House, 44 Baker Street, London W1U 7AL

Direct Dial: 020 7544 2470

E-mail: A.Langleben@ashfords.co.uk

Website: www.thepropertymediators.co.uk
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