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Sara Benbow

Sara Benbow is a civil mediator and a barrister, specialising in property law. She qualified as a barrister in 1990 and has been mediating since 2003. Sara is a founder member of The Property Mediators: www.thepropertymediators.co.uk.

Professional background

Sara has been a barrister for 23 years and is a senior member of Hardwicke’s Property Team. As well as her mediation and advocacy work, Sara is regularly called upon to write articles, to provide seminars and to speak at conferences on various areas of property law. She is also a contributing author to Cousins: Law of Mortgages.

At the heart of Sara’s practice is property litigation, and she brings that knowledge and experience into her work as a specialist mediator. She has considerable expertise in disputes over real property such as boundaries, easements and adverse possession, co-ownership, mortgages, and the impact of insolvency on property rights, as well as conveyancing disputes including issues as to specific performance, rescission or registration, rectification and, especially in the property-development context, cases about planning, covenants, regulated user, options or overage provisions. Sara is also an experienced and knowledgeable commercial and residential landlord and tenant lawyer, covering both contentious and non-contentious work and understanding the perspectives of landlords, tenants and others such as beneficiaries, guarantors or insolvency practitioners who hold interests related to commercial or residential leasehold land.

Mediation experience

Sara has considerable experience and an impressive rate of success as a mediator in property disputes covering most of the areas mentioned above. Her continued parallel work as a barrister also helps her to retain a real connection with the property sector and an understanding of the needs and interests of the parties who seek assistance from her as a mediator.

Mediation style

The successful mediation of most property disputes requires a combination of rigorous analysis, active listening and creative thought in an environment which builds trust and focuses on the way forward rather than the difficulties past. Sara manages to combine a friendly and accessible yet no-nonsense and tenacious approach with a keen practical and business sense, always seeking to keep the parties engaged and help them look beyond the confines of their adopted positions to find inventive solutions. Given her background in property law, that process often includes an element of testing with each party the strength of the arguments on which they rely to sustain them on the key legal issues rather than merely providing a conduit for discussions between them.


Sara was trained and accredited by the ADR Group in 2003.


Sara’s time away from work is divided between a range of musical activities, running around muddy fields across the UK and beyond umpiring women’s lacrosse, and waiting for hope to triumph over despair as a fan of West Ham United.

Contact details

E-mail: E-mail: sara@thepropertymediators.co.uk

Tel: 07964 850593

Chambers: www.hardwicke.co.uk/people/benbow-sara
Property mediaton website: www.thepropertymediators.co.uk.

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