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Martin Banham-Hall

Martin is an experienced Mediator, accredited by CEDR in 2002. He qualified as a solicitor in 1977 and specialises in commercial property, landlord/tenant and development transactions in London and throughout England and Wales.
Solicitors and barristers choosing him as Mediator have commented that the approaches needed to bring conflicted and competing parties to agreement seem to come naturally to Martin. He attributes this to a 35-year career spent, for the most part, making deals.

Advanced negotiating skills, integrity, patience, stamina, determination and perceptiveness are required of any Mediator. Martin adds to those his breadth and depth of understanding of the worlds of real estate and development, a genuine sympathy with those needing help to find a businesslike and cost-effective route out of deadlock, and the ability to engage actively and intelligently with the substantive issues in a dispute. Martin’s settlement rate in Mediation is very high.

Martin’s other main area of Mediation interest is in partnership and private company disputes between shareholders. He is well-suited to reconcile highly-charged personal dynamics between business partners. His experience as Senior Partner since 1996 of a mid-sized commercial law firm could be among the reasons why.

Address: Ashton House, 471 Silbury Boulevard, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 2AH

Tel: 01908 662277

E-mail: Martin.Banham-Hall@healdlaw.com

Website: www.healdlaw.com
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