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Gary Webber

Gary Webber is a highly experienced full-time property mediator trained both in civil and family mediation. He qualified as a barrister in 1979 and has been mediating since 2003. Gary is a founder member of The Property Mediators: www.thepropertymediators.co.uk.

Professional background

Gary was a practising barrister for 22 years specialising in property law. Since 2003 he has practised as a mediator and for many years ran training courses in various areas of property law. He is the co-author of Business Premises: Possession and Lease Renewal, 5ed (Sweet & Maxwell) and of Residential Possession Proceedings, 10ed (Sweet & Maxwell). He is on the editorial board of the White Book, is an associate member of Tanfield Chambers and sits as a Deputy District Judge. He also maintains and is the general editor of this website.

Mediation experience

Gary is a full-time mediator and has extensive experience, both as a barrister and as a mediator, in landlord and tenant disputes (commercial and residential) and disputes involving boundaries, rights of way and other easements, conveyancing and misrepresentation claims, restrictive covenants, property joint ventures, co-ownership, property related negligence claims and other areas of property law.

He also has a great deal of experience in family disputes having mediated many cases between parents and children, siblings, separating couples and divorcing partners. Much of this work has related to the dissolution of family businesses, co-ownership, inheritance and administration of estates.

Mediation style

Gary's style is relaxed, friendly and empathetic. He calms things down and listens carefully so as to understand what the parties really want and need and to extract those interests from the various matters that get encrusted onto disputes. He focuses on solutions and steers the parties in that direction from an early stage in the mediation. He is exceedingly patient but will speak plainly when required. His background in property law allows him quickly to grasp any technical issues, reality test where necessary, suggest possible solutions and to help with the practical matters that arise during drafting. Except in limited circumstances he is not the sort of mediator who goes on late into the night.

Some comments from clients

“My client was very impressed with the way in which Mr Webber handled what was a very emotional situation for her. He brought a real calm to what had been a long running and acrimonious dispute. The result was that both parties became very clear headed and each obtained a very good outcome. Mr Webber is a first class mediator." (Samuel Waritay, barrister).

"Gary was very amiable and easy to talk to which was so important in the circumstances. Very down to earth." (Sean Powell, Powell and Co Property (Brighton) Ltd).

"My clients and I were delighted with the sensitive but businesslike way you dealt with the mediation, grasping the important key points at an early stage and maintaining pace and progress throughout, towards the eventual (seemingly inevitable) development of a mutually acceptable settlement" (James Taylor, Wards)

"Gary was fantastic. He took the time to understand my clients’ concerns and build a rapport with them, but also knew when to put pressure on to move things along towards a settlement. I shall certainly be recommending him to other clients." (Joanne Wicks QC, Wilberforce Chambers)

"It can take several months before parties agree the appointment of a mediator. Not so with Gary Webber. His appointment was approved by both sides without question: a testament to his experience and reputation. As a result of Gary's skilful handling the parties achieved a successful result at mediation and avoided the cost and heartache of proceedings." (Azeam Akram, MTG Solicitors).

"I found Gary’s approach as a mediator to be very direct which enabled the parties to focus on the objective of the mediation very early on. At some mediations that I have been to you spend the first three of fours hours getting nowhere but with Gary we felt that progress was being made at every stage. Although we did not settle the dispute that day it was only a matter of days later that a settlement was agreed and Gary’s assistance was much appreciated." (Andrew Robins, Kyriakides & Braier).

"Gary is a first rate mediator. He is effective, enthusiastic and popular with clients. Should the parties approach a stalemate, he will always search hard for a fresh, creative approach to finding a solution." (Jane Senior, Wright Hassall)

"Gary was extremely patient and thorough, and enabled us to reach a sound business settlement that all the parties were very happy with." (Michael Large, Thomas Eggar LLP)

"I can’t tell you how much we admired and appreciated all your efforts. It is such a huge relief to know that the cloud which has hung over us for so many years has been lifted. We started the day not believing that there was any hope of settlement and therefore to come away at the end of a gruelling twelve-hour day with a comprehensive Order drafted and signed is beyond all expectation! It was an arduous day for everyone but especially exhausting for you. However, you found a way through the morass and we are deeply indebted to you. Thank you very much for achieving what seemed to us impossible." (A client)

"Gary Webber has a very relaxed mediation style which quickly wins the confidence of parties and allows him to craft solutions to their problems that they might not have thought of themselves." (Tim Russ, Clarke Willmott)


Gary Webber is trained both as a commercial and civil mediator and as a family mediator. He was accredited as a mediator by the ADR Group in 2003 and has a diploma in Group facilitation, Conflict Resolution and Counselling Skills. He continually seeks to develop his skills and bring these experiences to his mediations.


When Gary is not mediating he enjoys cycling and keeping fit, cooking and eating and, occasionally, riding out into the countryside.

Contact details

Gary is based in Bristol but mediates everywhere.

Suite 3, 179 Whiteladies Road
Bristol BS8 2AG
Tel: 07887 507580
E-mail: gary@thepropertymediators.co.uk

To arrange a mediation with Gary Webber please contact Rosie Torre: rosie@thepropertymediators.co.uk

Personal website: www.garywebber.co.uk
Property mediaton website: www.thepropertymediators.co.uk.

For details of a one-day course, "Tactics and Strategy at Mediation", run by Gary Webber, click here.

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