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Unreasonable refusal to consent

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Unreasonable refusal to consent

Assignment and sub-letting

  • The tenant's request - what should it contain?
  • The landlord's response - what should it contain?
  • Consenting by mistake! (Aubergine)
  • Relationship with absolute covenants
  • Virtual assignments
  • Alterations and user
  • Unreasonable refusal
  • Unreasonable delay - how long is a piece of string?
  • Do you even need to be reasonable?
  • Subletting and side letters (Allied Dunbar v Homebase)
  • Reverse premiums - do they work?
  • Remedies - has the tenant really got any?
  • Sometimes - landlords beware big damages (Thurloe).
  • Rights as between proposed assignor and assignee - getting out of the contract

Suitable for commercial property lawyers and litigators.

Level: This very practical course starts with the basics and builds up to deal with difficult issues. It is therefore suitable for all levels.

Course leader: Gary Webber
2 hours CPD

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