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Section 2 of the 1989 Act

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Section 2 of the 1989 Act

Does the contract have to be in writing?

This course deals with the circumstances in which a contract for the sale of land is required, by s2 of the Law of Property (Miscellaneous) Act 1989, to be in writing - or more accurately when it does not. What are the exceptions?
  • The principal requirements of s2.
  • Terms genuinely outside the land contract - North Eastern Properties Ltd v Colman
  • Exceptions within the section
  • Joint ventures and Yeomans v Cobbe
  • Section 2(5) and constructive trusts - proprietary estoppel
  • Other recent cases - Herbert v Doyle

Trainer: Gary Webber

CPD: 1.5 hours

Level: Intermediate / advanced

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