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Housing disrepair.

Housing disrepair claims

This course deals with claims by tenants against their landlords for disrepair. Using a case study the following points will be covered:
  • Landlord's repairing obligations - s11 of the 1985 Act.
  • The demise, parts controlled by the landlord, parts under control of third parties.
  • Condensation and damp
  • Notice - is it required? How much notice? How much detail?
  • Defective Premises Act
  • Access to the property to carry out the works - moving the tenant out.
  • Specific performance interim injunctions - getting the landlord to do it.
  • Damages - how much does the tenant get? What principles apply?
  • Reduction for contributory negligence.
  • Disrepair protocol.
  • Settlement prior to allocation - affect on costs.
The course is suitable for all those involved in housing disrepair, whether as lawyers or housing officers etc.

Trainer: Gary Webber

CPD: 2 hours

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