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Residential tenancies.

Residential Possession Proceedings (10th Edition)

Gary Webber and Daniel Dovar

Now in its tenth edition, Residential Possession Proceedings explains the action a landlord can take to regain possession of a property and how a tenant or occupant might oppose any such action. It also explains the possession rights of landlords, tenants and occupiers under the various forms of tenancy. Finally, Residential Possession Proceedings details the court proceedings necessary to affect or defend possession.

Price: £139
Published: December 2016
ISBN: 978 0 4140 5727 2
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell

To access the publisher's site for more details of the book click here

Defending Possession Proceedings (8th Edition)

Jan Luba QC, Nic Madge and Derek McConnell

Defending Possession Proceedings focuses on practice and procedure and the relevant substantive law. It is a practical aid for advisers dealing with possession claims and they go through the court process. It deals with the three principal types of occupier: public tenants, private tenants and mortgage borrowers. It also covers possession procedure and includes official forms and notices, useful precedents and pleadings and instructions checklist. It is now in its fifth edition.

Price: £60
Published: September 2016
Publisher: Legal Action Group
ISBN: 978 1 9084 0764 1

To access the publisher's site for more details of the book click here

Housing Law Casebook (5th Edition)

Nic Madge

Housing law grows ever more complex. New legislation and the growing number of reported cases - both at first instance and on appeal - increase the need for barristers, solicitors, advice workers and housing managers to find relevant cases quickly and easily. The Housing Law Casebook meets that need and is now in its third edition. With its origins in Legal Action's monthly series "Recent Developments in Housing Law" the Housing Law Casebook's summaries of all important cases make it an essential reference book.

Price: £70
Published: February 2012
Publisher: Legal Action Group
ISBN: 978 1 9033 0788 5

To access the publisher's site for more details of the book click here

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