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Boundaries and party walls.
Commercial leases.
Commons and village greens.
Conveyancing and property development.
Long leases and enfranchisement.
Residential tenancies.
Restrictive covenants.

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Gale on Easements (20th Edition)

Jonathan Gaunt QC and The Hon Mr Justice Morgan QC

Gale on Easements is the leading authority on all aspects of the law relating to easements. The new 20th edition incorporates and explains all important recent case law. It also cotains a review of the recent case law on the general principles applied to the construction of express grants. In addition there is an analysis of how rights of light deeds work so as to bind successors, coverage of the significant number of cases on the Party Wall Act, and a discussion of the Law Commission’s proposals.

ISBN: 978 0 41405 751 7
Format: Hardback
Published: December 2016
Price: £325.00
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell

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Private Rights of Way

Stephen Bickford-Smith, Nick Taggart and Alison Oakes

Private Rights of Way sets out the law and practice relating to the creation, acquisition, maintenance, extinguishment, and remedies for wrongful interference with private rights of way. Problems often occur when someone blocks or restricts a right of way, or where one of the parties wishes to change the route of the right of way, or when the properties affected are transferred. Disputes over the maintenance of the right of way are also common. Guidance is given on practical drafting issues as well as evidence and procedure, together with precedents.

ISBN: 978 0 85308 852 3
Format: Hardback
Published: December 2012
Price: £75.00
Publisher: Jordans

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Rights of Light (3rd Edition)

Stephen Bickford-Smith, Andrew Francis and Tom Weekes, plus specialist contributors

Rights of Light is a popular work providing practical explanation of law and practice including a review of case law on the subject. It also provides a comprehensive review of the acquisition and establishment of rights and proceedings for infringement. In addition there is expert commentary on measurement and valuation techniques provided by chartered surveyors.

ISBN: 978 1 84661 863 5
Format: Hardback
Published: 2015
Price: £96.99
Publisher: Jordans Publishing Ltd

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